2019 Video surveillance trends in Asia-Pacific

Although the history of video surveillance is a brief one, having arrived on the scene just a few decades ago, it has managed to keep its head above the water when faced with shrewd business and technological changes. Not only has it overcome the initial pinches in traditional cameras but it has been able to open up new applications for the dynamic demands of novel fields of the digital age. And the momentum gained shows no signs of slowing down at any time soon. Predicted early in the year by experts in the field, video surveillance (CCTV video analytics) equipment demands will likely continue to escalate in 2019.

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Below are some interesting trends in video surveillance for 2019 that were predicted and which have continued to draw attention.

1. Cyber Security

With major avenues like bank transactions, shopping, trading, etc. being digitalized the threat of hacking and cyber-theft has raised the concern of the masses. With numerous cloud services, customers are increasingly demanding online access and control of their systems. This has generated a market for cyber security to safe guard the identity and information of the everyday Joe in addition to that of the multimillion dollar companies. Cybercrimes which were unheard of a couple of decades ago are on the cusp of rampaging. Consequently, technology companies have developed and are providing security measures to protect clients.

2. Protection through Video Monitoring

Cities worldwide have been seen installing security cameras that are capable of surveying large crowds with a access control system while being able to spot and alert human personnel to suspicious activities. In addition, the facial recognition tool plays an important role in the hunt for terrorists. Large security task forces use video surveillance armed with these helpful tools to ensure the safety and order of the public.

3. New Markets

New markets for video surveillance have come into being largely due to the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT). As described by different sources, video can be integrated with IoT systems to provide information for corporate and business needs, while additionally providing intelligence for businesses through heat mapping and people-counting, leading to smart strategies.

4. Solutions Integrations

Customization in the wake of solutions integrations allowed video surveillance to gain further popularity with customers and as predicted has continued its steady rise. The importance of integration is that it allows consumers to choose from an array of technology, both software and hardware, thus ensuring that all requirements are fulfilled while maintaining network design compatibility.

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