Frequently Asked Questions on Integrated Security Systems

With the increase in crime rates all over the world, there is little doubt about the reasons for the popularity of the Integrated Security Systems. Check out some of the frequently asked questions on the subject and their answers.

1. What are integrated security systems

In recent years, the market for security equipment has realized the immense merits of integrating different components in a security system. However, true integration may be offered by all the manufacturers in the field today. A truly integrated security system combines the various components and yet they are all part of a more sophisticated and bigger system. It is possible to integrate components like a public address system, CCTV, fence alarms, intruder alarms, fire alarms and access control system within a single system . The system can be multi-station networks or even a single PC. All these components should interact with one another as a single entity. For example, whenever the fire alarm gets activated, the screen of the Visual Display Unit should pop up a new text window where detailed instruction should be given on what to do next. Simultaneously, the integrated system may release the doors meant for fire exit and display those CCTV cameras, through which the operator can view the affected area so that the operator in question can engage in a communication with the other staff and do not have to take the help of any public address system.

2. Does the system continue functioning even when there is a power cut?

Yes, the system should be able to function with the help of a battery backup though the duration of this backup time may vary according to the type of panels used within it.

3. Do you need to install a telephone service for installing and running an integrated security system?

A reputable vendor typically provides a host of communication options such as cellular, Wi-Fi, and network.

4. Is it mandatory to drill holes in your walls for installing integrated security systems?

It is not mandatory to, as wireless security systems are also now available in the market.

5. Will you be able to use your smartphones to view the security cameras?

Yes, business owners as well as homeowners, can use their smartphones to view what the cameras are capturing from any location with the most advanced technology today.

6. Can you take the system with you when you relocate to another place?

Yes, it is possible to transfer the system to you and get it reinstalled at the new site if you have a wireless system.

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