How RFID technology can help your business

RFID, or a Radio Frequency Identification tag, is the technology that is used by the businesses for tracking the products. With the assistance of the top tier IT infrastructure services in Singapore, RFIDs are becoming increasingly popular. These are tiny chips that are attached to the products. With a tag, consisting of an antenna and a tiny integrated circuit, the tag passes the identity, when it is close to the reader so that the presence of the product can be recorded. This way, it helps the businesses in their supply chain process and manufacturing process. The management of products become much easier.

RFID is widely used across the various sectors of businesses. From vehicle tolling to car immobilizers, even patients at a hospital are tagged with RFID. Such technology can be found at MSC Consulting Pte Ltd.

Self-tracking of products

With RFID, the products can be self-tracked, and this helps the businesses in tracking the assets and managing the production along with shipments.


RFID technology is quite beneficial to the healthcare industry, where it is used for tracking the medical instruments. When the tracking becomes so easy, it can have a greater impact on the safety aspect of the employees. Also, with an accurate tag reading, the time and effort involved in lifting the right products is saved.

One can also use the RFID technology for capturing and storing the history of a product. All the service-related issues of a product can be captured and stored for future reference.

Manufacturing process

For the businesses that are involved in manufacturing, RFID technology can reduce the manual work and costs. It can also improve the planning and visibility.

Warehouse Management

It can help in faster locating of products and in planning the locations for the products in a strategic manner. So, real-time information can be provided to the management at all times.

Distribution Process

It helps in improving the efficiency and accuracy of the supply chain, so the delivery process is also speed up. This, in turn, results in reduced distribution costs.


With the help of RFID, the shipping containers can be easily tracked and managed, which can result in safer transportation and lower costs.

With the help of IT infrastructure services in Singapore, the companies can get the RFID implemented and reap huge benefits out of it. RFID can be quite beneficial for the businesses, as it can save a lot of time and effort for them. The asset tracking of the products can help the businesses in managing their inventory accurately. Using the right technologies can help the businesses to grow manifold, within no time.

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