Top 5 Self-Payment Kiosk Software for Banks

Banking services are now more user friendly thanks to the self- service payment kiosks. Listed here is the top five self-payment kiosk software for Banks.

1. LiveWire Kiosk: The software offered by LiveWire combines digital signs with mobile and web apps. As a result the banks have control over real time management of social media, CRM, and other services. Representatives in a Bank can now focus on handling complicated situations instead of answering common customer queries. Through this software, a customer can view their account details, change PIN and avail other services.

2. Meridian: A pioneer in kiosk software solutions, Meridian has been leading the industry for the past 25 years. Kiosks manufactured by Meridian have a global appeal. The software solution offered by the North Carolina based company aids customers in expanding their outreach and brand presence. Software solutions offered by Meridian include MzeroManage (remotely monitors performance), MzeroPlatform (software for security) and MezoCreate (development of Customized software). Customer support offered by the company is best in class with round the clock on-site and off-site assistance.

3. Moki: US based Moki Mobility offers kiosk solutions that run on iPad tablets and Android. Marketing strategies are evolving to include smart phones and iPad screens as an economic alternative. Instead of installing a number of Kiosks for customer queries in banks, iPads in the same number meet the purpose at half the investment. Moreover, these devices can be accessed and controlled from remote locations. Features offered by Moki are remote access, onsite printing, touch screen, secure browsing, virtual keyboard, wireless access and usage reporting.

4. RedyRef Interactive Kiosk: Founded back in 1920, the US based software and hardware giant RedyRef offers kiosk management solutions that are easy to install, ADA compliant and accessible. The features offered include reservation of activities, remote access, onsite printing, order fulfillment, secure browsing, user reporting and touch screen interaction.

5. Provisio: Installed in Banks and mobile companies, Provisio is a market leader in providing remote access and management, secure kiosk and digital signage. The software solution SiteKiosk is specific for maintaining security lockdown of information in kiosks that are in the public domain. Online banking to check banking details is made easy by SiteKiosk. The user friendly nature of the software has found acceptance with the older conservative generation as well. SiteRemote, another software solution, offers control, configuration and management of information displayed at the kiosk.

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