Little History Of The Self Service Kiosk That Is Interesting

What is it? – Self Service Kiosk is a terminal that is computerized which can feature all the exceptional software and hardware developed to exhibit in the public for accessing any kind of information and any kind of application to communicate, commerce, education and entertainment. Initially they were designed like the telephone booths and now are the days where they are being used whilst sitting on a chair or bench at the own comfort.

Where it is Kept and what is the use? – The self service kiosk or interactive kiosk is used by people and in the place of high foot fall. So, strategically the kiosk is placed in airports, metro stations, multiplexes and airports etc. Kiosk being technologically integrated helps in performing many unique and wide ranges of roles. For example, if it is a heavy traffic multiplex it is highly impossible to give the ticket for online booked show in a theatre, that too manually. So few cinema theatres do have the Kiosk option which can give the ticket by input of a code and online booked number which save time and rush. Owners can have many specifications to meet the requirements of their business. Few may require a bill acceptor while the other a card reader, so it is easy to design a Kiosk as per the need.

History – The first and foremost self service kiosk was seen by many visitors, students and teachers of University of Illinois during an Urbana Campaign. It was then led by Murray Lappe, Student, Pre-med. It is designed on a Plato Computer which was made accessible through a touch screen made of Plasma. This display panel was first invented by Donald L Bitzer at University of Illinois. The kiosk allowed everyone who wants to seek information regarding the movies, courses, extracurricular office to bus schedules and other directory related stuff.

The first commercial use was a conceptual project designed and developed by a retailer of the shoe named Florshem Shoe Co. It was led by a most ingenious executive vice president in 1985. It was manufactured, created and customized with the help of ByVideo Inc resided in Sunnyvale of California. It was a huge network built even though the first commercial kiosk; as huge as 600 Kiosks as a network. With these Kiosks a customer can actually buy whatever shoe they want, that which is not available based on the retail stock or location. Any shoe can be selected by the choice of colours and size and a payment should be made on the Kiosk only. The payment made will directly reach the mainframe for the immediately following day either as a home delivery or in few cases as the store delivery. It lasted for 6 long years in many locations.

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