Day: September 30, 2019

Enhance Your Company’s Performance with Microsoft Navision

Technology is the driving force of businesses today. It has facilitated connections between various vendors. Companies can now collaborate without worrying about geographical boundaries. For example, retailers can now get products from wholesalers from different parts of the world easily. Microsoft Navision software has rich functionality features that significantly improve how businesses are run.

Financial Management

The accounting department is one of the most important in every business. It is the backbone of the company, and efficiency is required if the other units of the business is to be managed adequately. For example, the marketing department cannot function fully if the accounts manager cannot confirm if the funds are available for a specific marketing venture.

Microsoft Navision helps in the management of inventory, accounting, and cash flow. You can also process receivables and manage operations between different vendors from different locations. If your business requires you to operate multiple currencies, Microsoft Navision helps you to keep track of the impact foreign exchange has on your revenue.

Supply Chain Management

Manufacturers have hundreds of customers that sometimes it is possible for orders to get mixed up. Microsoft Navision can be used to set-up custom approvals, improve response time, manage inventories and improve collaboration with other businesses in the supply chain.

Manufacturers can also identify new markets that need their products. Manufacturers can also use indicators to determine periods during which there is a higher demand for their products, and when they should slow production. Companies can also use this platform to manage payments to ensure none of those in the supply chain causes unnecessary delays in production due to delays in payment.

Services Management

Customer management is one of the components of Microsoft Navision. You can use it to manage customer queries, calls, and orders. Employees can sometimes be so overwhelmed that they may miss an order if a system is not in place to keep track of the status of orders. With Microsoft NAV, you can tell orders that are undergoing quality control, those that have been sent, and those still in the queue. 

You can also create reports on all the orders to help you see the relationship between the orders and revenue. This system will also warn you if you are running low on inventory, especially during your busy season. You can keep track of deliveries from the manufacturer against the orders you receive from clients.

Sales and Marketing

The sales and marketing tool will you manage customer and sales data. If your sales team is collecting a lot of customer data, but the sales are low, you may need to reconsider the marketing strategy you are using. You can also use this application to manage any contracts you have with vendors and customers. This feature will help you keep track of the products your clients are interested in. You will also establish a long term relationship with customers. This way, you can keep them updated of new stock or discounted offers you wouldn’t want them to miss.


This is one of the essential features in Microsoft Navision. You can consolidate reports from various departments to see the impact each section of your business affects the other. All these departments are part of a chain and are interlinked. If each department is doing well, the company will undoubtedly thrive. If there are gaps in certain areas, you can find a solution after looking at the report. You can also use these reports to manage budgets and improve cooperation among employees.

The way your business performs is highly dependent on how you have streamlined your operations. Microsoft Navision gives you a guide on the steps you can take to organize every department so that you can improve productivity.